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Saturday, 22 October 2016

McDonald’s NATIONAL BREAKFAST DAY 2016 ~ 24th October 2016 With 1,000 FREE Chicken Muffins Per Restaurant

McDonald’s National Breakfast Day 
24th October 2016
24th October 2016 

Hi, Guys! Attention All McDonald's Fans out there. Auntie Lilly has some real exciting news to share with everyone today.


In conjunction with National Breakfast Day, McDonald's Malaysia will be celebrating the National Breakfast Day on Monday, 24 Oct 2016 by giving away 1,000 FREE CHICKEN MUFFIN from 7am to 10am per restaurant. 

All-Time-Favourite Breakfast With McDonald's Chicken Muffin

National Breakfast Day is McDonald’s annual campaign to remind Malaysians to start off their day right with a wholesome breakfast. This time around, aptly themed #senangpagipagi the campaign celebrates mornings made easier for early risers with a scrumptious meal. The event will be hosted at 230 participating McDonald’s restaurants nationwide.

Hope you can enjoy your breakfast with your loved ones, family and friends at McDonald’s and spread the message reminding Malaysians to start off their days right with a wholesome breakfast. Be early ya, as only the FIRST 1000 will get a FREE CHICKEN MUFFIN, make sure you are one of them. 

Are You Lucky Enough To Get The Golden Muffin?

Adding excitement to the event, there will be ONE GOLDEN MUFFIN to ONE LUCKY CUSTOMER at participating restaurants nationwide. Oh yes, ONE GOLDEN MUFFIN at each restaurant and a LUCKY CUSTOMER get to win an RM200 McDonald's GIFT CERTIFICATE. All 230 lucky customers from 230 outlets will each receive McDonald’s gift certificates worth RM200.

There are celebrities joining the event at selected McDonald’s restaurants – Fattah Amin, Chrystina Ng, Elizabeth Tan, Karl Shafek, Faizdikie, Ally Iskandar, Uyaina Arshad, Elfira Loy, Sasha Saidin, Fiza Sabjahan, Esther Zhen and many more.

So, mark your calendar and come early on 24 Oct and let's celebrate great mornings together! 

Terms & Conditions
  • Free Chicken Muffin limited to the first 1,000 customers per restaurant and only from 7am – 10am, whichever comes first.
  • Redemption hours vary by restaurant and only valid at restaurants that serve breakfast. Locate a restaurant that serves breakfast here.
  • Only ONE(1) free Chicken Muffin per customer
  • Valid through Drive-Thru™, only one (1) free Chicken Muffin ala carte per car allowed
  • Not valid through McDelivery
  • No purchase required

The word is out! Securing yourself a spot is more important than ever because there are only 1,000 FREE Chicken Muffins per restaurant. Check out the fun & entertaining videos right here!

McDonald's National Breakfast Day, T-minus 2 Days

McDonald's National Breakfast Day, T-minus 3 Days

McDonald's National Breakfast Day, T-minus 4 Days

McDonald's National Breakfast Day, T-minus 5 Days

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Friday, 21 October 2016

'THE JOY OF LIFE' ~ ECOLITE Brand New Halal-Certified Collagen Bird's Nest Beverages

The Joy Of Life - Collagen Bird's Nest Drink

Hi guys! Bet you have heard of the amazing health benefits of edible bird's nest. Well-known to many for its natural goodness, packed with nutrition, traditionally used as a beauty food that is reputed to maintain youthfulness and enhance the complexion. Bird's Nest is the All-In-One Health Food, neither heaty or cooling and offers numerous health benefits to a wide range of people, regardless of age from young to old.

Soft Launch 'The Joy Of Life' At GlassHouse Seputeh

I was pretty excited to be introduced to a brand new halal-certified Collagen Bird's Nest Beverages at the soft launch of 'The Joy Of Life' by Ecolite Biotech Manufacturing Sdn Bhd (Ecolite) most recently at the Glasshouse at Seputeh earlier this week.  

'Joy Of Life', the new line of Halal-certified beverages combines not only the powerful health benefits of bird's nest but with the proven beauty of Marine Fish Collagen, which naturally stimulates collagen production in our bodies and helps to combats aging signs. 

All-Natural Food Contents Beverages

Happy Me With 'The Joy Of Life'

Ecolite Collagen Bird's Nest Drink, 'The Joy Of Life' contains all-natural food contents, including Edible Bird's Nest, Marine Fish Collagen, Rock Sugar and RO Water, thus making it nutritious and safe to drink. Apart from that, this amazing beverage contains no preservative, no artificial flavourings, no artificial colourings and no artificial sweeteners at all.

 My Personal Favourite ~ Red Date With Wolfberries

The delightful 'The Joy Of Life' beverages were initially displayed in its original glass bottles without packaging, visible to all with its natural ingredients like Bird's nest, Aloe Vera, Longan, Red Date with Wolfberry, Lychee and the original flavour. 

All Natural Ingredients With Flavourful Taste 

Ecolite Collagen Bird's Nest Drink is composed of four important elements such as:
  • Edible Bird'sNest - Traditional nourishing ingredients, that market's most widely accepted traditional health tonic.
  • Collagen -  Widely acknowledges in the current market as Beauty & Fashion element.
  • Natural Ingredient - The element of natural ingredients, the taste is no longer static, create more added value & creativity.
  • Vacuum Safety Button - Advanced Safety state-of-the-art button vacuum bottle with stylish packaging  

 Bevy Of Beauties Introducing The Five Flavours 'The Joy Of Life'

 Good Time For Posing With The Beauties At The Launch 

Ecolite Biotech Manufacturing is one of the fastest growing healthcare & food companies in Malaysia. They have gone to great lengths to ensure that their products are free of preservatives, artificial flavourings and colours, as well as artificial sweeteners. 

They pride themselves as the only integrated bird's nest producer and manufacturer in Malaysia thus they houses, harvests and manufactured its own line of bird's nest product, ensuring full quality control in every step of production of 'The Joy Of Life'.

Providing variety for consumers need in the market today, 'The Joy Of Life' is available in five distinct flavours, including Red Date with Wolfberry, Aloe Vera, Lychee, Longan and the Original Flavour.   

Red Date with Wolfberry

Rich In Antioxidants, All Traditional Herbal Concoction  

Aloe Vera

Rich In Anti-Inflammatory Properties, Well-Known For Its Medicinal Values


An Impressive Fruit With Essential Nutrients


Longan Invigorate The Heart & Spleen, Plus Calms The Nervous System. 
 Original Flavour

 Simple Yet Tasty For The Original Flavour  

'The Joy Of Life' predicted to cater to Malaysian taste buds in both its flavour and presentation, comes in stylish and transparent packaging with a vacuum safety button. Now, clean eating comes easy with 'The Joy Of Life' - Grab & Go In A Bottle. The latest health beverage in  the scene that serves tasty, refreshing, and premium quality beverage to fuel you throughout the day. 

Each bottle contains 2500mg of Collagen and is currently available in all 7-Eleven stores for RM 6.50 per bottle and soon will be sold at most major pharmacies and hypermarkets in the country. For more information on 'The Joy Of Life', kindly visit www.thejoyoflife.my

FaceBook: www.facebook.com/thejoyoflife.ecolite

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Thursday, 20 October 2016

MIGF FESTIVE MENU 2016 At YEZI At The Roof Bandar Utama Petaling Jaya

YeZi At The Roof, a well-known brand for serving premium cuisines is one of my top favourite place to dine and enjoy fresh, delicious and top quality fresh steamboat. What the restaurant is best known for, however, is its five unique coconut-based broths which are spiced up with the Taiwanese beef, truffle flavourings and other premium ingredients. Apart from the special broths, YeZi prides itself on serving fresh ingredients and tasty dipping sauces.

It has been quite a while since I visited YeZi since I was last there to try out their CNY Dinner Delights at the beginning of the year. Read here for my previous reviews: YeZi 1st Blog Post & CNY Menu 2016 

Award-Winning Restaurant

YeZi brought home 8 awards at last year’s MIGF including some key notable ones such as “Most Outstanding Soup” for YeZi’s specially-created ‘Wild Forest Truffle Mushroom Broth’, “Most Outstanding Starter” for ‘Salt and Pepper Mushrooms’ and ‘Homemade YeZi Hand Roll’, “Most Outstanding Dessert” for YeZi’s ‘Coconut with Avocado’ and “Most Outstanding Main Course” under the alternative category for its premium seafood such as Alaskan Crab and Geoduck, freshly handmade savoury balls and dumplings, as well as imported meats ranging from Japanese Matsusaka Beef to Iberico Meat.

YEZI MIGF Festive Menu 2016 
RM 299 Nett - 2 Pax
Without Wine

In  conjunction with the Malaysian International Gastronomy Festival this year, YeZi, an award-winning restaurant reinventing its best flavours with new menu includes a healthy nutritious dose of broth and fusion delicacies. 

For the second year in a row, YeZi is proud to announce its participation in MIGF, taking a different approach by debuting new creations such as the Malacca-inspired “Fried Chicken Rice Ball with Saffron Coated Salted Egg Batter”, a brand new soul-satisfying broth – “Ginseng Herbal Soup with Black Chicken” and one of the most trending desserts right now with a twist – “Water Drop Coconut Sago Gula Melaka dessert” which was a hit at this year’s edition of Taste MIGF all thanks to YeZi’s Head Chef – Chef Chong Fook Choy.

Head Chef Chong Fook Choy
Head Chef Chong Fook Choy

Under the theme 'The High Octane Chefs’ this year, YeZi's highly experienced Head Chef Chong Fook Choy has put together an amazing menu to bring diners on a journey of tantalising cuisine, all set to pamper your taste buds and warm the soul. 

I'm privileged to be invited to taste this Festive Menu this year, which is priced at RM RM 299 Nett per 2 Pax. I would say, it is value-for-money, affordably priced for its exclusive treats and fine standards. Let me take you on a gastronomical dining experience at YeZi At The Roof now!

Note: The platter shown above is for our food tasting session with serving portion good enough for approximately 8 pax.

Fried Chicken Rice Ball With Saffron Coat and Salted Egg Batter


Ginseng Herbal Jelly Soup With Black Chicken
Ginseng Herbal Jelly Soup With Black Chicken

Ginseng Herbal Jelly Soup With Black Chicken
Ginseng Herbal Jelly Soup With Black Chicken is made from fresh chicken bones and old hen and the restaurant's secret blend of ingredients including fresh Korean ginseng cooked for more than 8 hours in fresh chicken stock. Chinese herbs such as wolfberries and dried red dates are added to add depth of flavour to the nutritious soup. 

The broth when served are in form of collagen jelly, once melted after boiling, gives the broth a thick texture and makes it mildly bittersweet. However, the smell of the broth is rich and quite strong.

Lobster Balls, Coriander Squid Balls, Cheese Chicken Balls, & Black Sesame Squid Balls
(From top left - Clockwise)

I loved all these daily made fresh meatballs. My personal favourite is both the Coriander Squid Balls and the Black Sesame Squid Balls. Big and bouncy made from squid meat, are so tender and ridiculously delicious in every bite and absolutely addictive too.

 Coconut Dumplings

Shao Xing Dumplings
Shao Xing Dumplings

This seafood-licious platter is filled with ocean-fresh premium seafood like razor clams. Tiger prawns, White clams and prawn paste.

Prawn Paste In Bamboo
 Prawn Paste In Bamboo

Their prawn paste, another top pick for my palate. The house made prawn paste is smooth with a bouncy texture served creatively in a bamboo container. 

White Clams & Razor Clams
Razor Clams

Spanish Black Pig

Sliced Beef

Assorted Noodles

 Handmade Fu Chok Rolls

Remember to cook these tasty Fu Chok rolls just by dipping them with your chopsticks in the flavoursome broth for a minute or so. The thin slices will be cooked or soften quickly just by dipping in the hot broth.  

Mixed Vegetables & Mushrooms
Mixed Vegetables & Mushrooms

 WaterDrop Coconut Topped With Gula Melaka, Sago & Crushed Peanuts

Savouring this delightful dessert reminds me of Ishin Japanese Dining's Raindrop Cake or the Mizu Shingen Mochi. Light, delicate with melt-in-mouth texture, simply refreshing and delicious to eat especially with the sago, crushed peanuts and it goes well with the gula Melaka too.
RM 299 Nett - 2 Pax
Without Wine

The Steamboat 3-tier platter, YeZi MIGF Festive Set is specially prepared for 2 pax sharing basis. Priced at RM 299 nett for 2 pax (without wine), it will be available throughout the month of October and also made available at YeZi’s second outlet located in 1 Mont Kiara.

Fresh MeatBalls & Seafood Items

Mushrooms, Noodles, Prawn Paste, Dumplings & Vegetables

The MIGF festival menu boasts a list of the finest offerings at YeZi including the freshest ingredients from the wonders of the sea, handmade dumplings and savoury balls to top class imported meat slices.

“We had a great time and some moments of triumph at MIGF last year. The exposure we’ve gained for our brand was priceless and this has definitely helped us in elevating our positioning in the F&B industry as a premium steamboat restaurant. MIGF has grown exponentially since its humble beginnings and now is a prestigious platform for the finest chefs and restaurants to get together to collectively showcase their best and have a common goal – to promote, innovate and diversify the overall F&B and dining experience in the country”, said Carolyn Teh, General Manager of The Roof.

Gourmands everywhere can make a date with YeZi now to enjoy this once-in-a-year MIGF festival menu at a competitive price and experience the cultural magnificence of premium Chinese steamboat with YeZi’s own cultural twists and turns.

For more details, kindly log on to www.facebook.com/yezi.TheRoof or www.migf.com. For reservations and further inquiries, please call 012 – 323 5841 / 03 – 8605 3388 (The Roof) or 012-331 3261 / 03 – 6243 1166 (1 Mont Kiara). 

The Roof Sky Level
1 First Avenue
Bandar Utama
No.3 Lebuh Bandar Utama
Bandar Utama
Petaling Jaya
Tel: 012 – 323 5841 or 03 – 8605 3388 (The Roof)
Tel: 012-331 3261 or 03 – 6243 1166 (1 Mont Kiara). 
Website: theroof.com.my

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